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Orizin Vietnam

Specializes in distributing components, phone accessories, repairing equipment and tools.

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Zin Vietnam

Specializes in Distributing Products to Customers who are Stores, Parts Dealers, Phone Supermarkets, or Mobile Device Repair Centers

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National Cryptographic Joint Stock Company ZinID

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Zin Fast

Multipurpose solution for electric car world

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"To become the leading manufacturer and technology company in Vietnam, the pioneer and the leader in serving the target group of B2B customers".


"Increasing value and bringing success to customers"

Core values

"We believe that, with a mind, and knowing how to cherish, success will come"

Fields of activity

Orizin Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Orizin Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in research and production of good quality Iphone Batteries (Standard capacity Iphone battery, High capacity Iphone battery and Version Iphone battery for Gamers). Currently, it has attracted thousands of partners, large and small, from...

National Cryptographic Joint Stock Company ZinID

ZinID National Cryptographic Joint Stock Company is a unit that is inclined to provide electronic warranty activation systems such as searching the origin of goods, providing stamp solutions, bar codes, retrieving information about product…. 

Electronic warranty solution...

Zin-Fast Joint Stock Company

 Zin Fast was born to expand the development of services to provide products for battery charging devices for cars and electric vehicles. These are outstanding products that enterprises want to upgrade and develop widely in the market. 

perse designs, neat and simple design...

Zin Vietnam Company Limited

Zin Vietnam Company Limited is a company operating in the field of services, specializing in manufacturing and distributing Smartphone & Tablet accessories, repair equipment, glass presses ... for shops, repair centers, with branches of large and small agents nationwide. 


Why choose us

10 years of experience

Starting with replacement battery products for iphone, up to now we have developed a variety of products for a full range of areas: Repair equipment, glass press equipment, tools for technicians There are also high-tech repair equipment that we have developed recently


With so many types of goods today, it is difficult for customers to choose products like that. Our mission is to bring customers a good choice, a good quality at the most suitable price.


Being able to bring a product to market requires the meticulous calculation of intelligent intellectuals, bringing those individuals together into a strong team is the key to the brand to survive and thrive in the current period of fierce market competition


Strong products are the iphone and ipad battery are genuine warranty 01 year, support the best warranty on the market. Products are accepted for warranty even when used but still within the warranty period

 Why choose us

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Years of experience

Our company is a leading electronic components supplier for domestic and foreign customers.

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